Comme Des Garçons, Concrete | 2017   Scenographer for the special press event introducing the new fragrance by Comme Des Garçons in New York City.    Produced by Circo de Bakuza
  Angela Mitchell | 2018   Scenographer for the event presenting the new collection by Angela Mitchell during the New York Fashion week.    Produced by Circo de Bakuza
  KPMG PARTNER’S GALA | 2018   Art Director and scenographer of the 2018 KPMG Partner’s Gala at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.    Produced by Circo de Bakuza
  UCL Champions League Final Show, Cardiff | 2017   Design the stage for the opening show, featuring the Black Eyed Peas, of the UCL Champions League’s final game in Cardiff.    Produced by Circo de Bakuza
  REVERB | 2017   Designer of the proposed installation for the contest  Luminothérapie  in Montreal.     Produced by Circo de Bakuza
  2018   Stage and light concept
  BOXOTEL | 2016   3D modelling and 3D rendering for the Boxotel in Montreal.    Client: Marie Jeanne Rivard
  Nadine Thomson Interior Design | 2016   3D Modelling and 3D rendering.    Client: Nadine Thomson Interior Design
  Exhibition Table | 2015   3D rendering    Client Generique Design
  Pulse | 2015   3D modelin and 3D rendering for Rafael Lozano Hemmer’s Pulse chandelier.    Client: Generique Design